Canadian Polar Jade for home or office decor and collectors #CJ1002


From the mines of Canada, we present this beautiful display piece of highly prized Polar Jade. This is a huge piece of rough Canadian Polar Jade with the front side being beautifully polished. It has been set on a custom made Canadian Polar Jade base that creates one of the most beautiful display pieces in our inventory. Canadian Jade is considered to be the finest nephrite jade in the world and this piece of Polar Jade tells the story. It is semi- translucent and was carefully mined, cut and polished to bring out the true beauty of Canadian Polar Jade. Please note: This is a unique, one-of-a-kind display piece.

Color: Many shades of green

Height:  14 inches

Width:  11 inches

Depth:  5 inches

Weight:  12 pounds

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